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Introducing Slider Revolution for commercebuild

Visual and written content are vital for website engagement and often times companies fail to achieve this perfect balance. Introducing Slider Revolution—an innovative way to elevate your commercebuild store through engaging visuals. Not only will your content be pretty, but it will be pretty good at driving real results. We’re excited to announce that this … Continue reading “Introducing Slider Revolution for commercebuild” ... Read More

Providing Choice Within eCommerce with Product Variants

We all like having choices and when you shop online you expect choice. An online storefront naturally has more selection than a traditional storefront. That’s the promise of the long tail of eCommerce and the simple, pragmatic reality of limited space. So being online means you should provide your customers with more selection. Being online … Continue reading “Providing Choice Within eCommerce with Product ... Read More

How Enhanced Onsite Search Can Lead to More eCommerce Conversions

A key requirement to a strong and effective eCommerce presence is onsite search. Often overlooked, onsite search is essential to a positive user experience and to driving increased revenue. Too many eCommerce sites force customers to search for what they want by browsing poorly constructed product catalogs. According to eConsultancy, nearly 84% of companies don’t … Continue reading “How Enhanced Onsite Search Can Lead to ... Read More

The eCommerce Experience: Orders Sync and Open Invoices Payment

Experience is a key consideration for your customers when it comes to eCommerce. And that experience often becomes more important than the actual products you sell. Experience can only be achieved through integration. Integration between your eCommerce solution and your Sage ERP. Integration is the first – and the most important – question when looking … Continue reading “The eCommerce Experience: Orders Sync and Open Invoices Payment” ... Read More

Variant Products: The Same but Different

When your customers come to your website they expect to find the right product as quickly as possible. To do so you need to make things simple, especially if you have variant products. A variant product is the same product, but with unique identifiers such as color, size, dimension, materials or… well, you get the … Continue reading “Variant Products: The Same but Different” ... Read More

Retargeting for eCommerce Conversions

As part of your broader digital marketing strategy, it’s key to build a strategy tailored to your visitors. And when it comes to executing on that digital strategy, what’s more frustrating than seeing your webstore visitors leaving your site without buying or worse, during the checkout process? You’ve spent time and resources getting them to … Continue reading “Retargeting for eCommerce Conversions” ... Read More

Canonical Tags in eCommerce

Today we have a funky little concept for you that has become a critical part of the eCommerce world in the last couple of decades – canonical tags. Now although this would usually fall under the domain of a SEO specialist, canonical tags needs to be thought out well and hence require someone who knows … Continue reading “Canonical Tags in eCommerce” ... Read More

Why You Need A Loyalty Program

Did you know that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers? Yet, majority of businesses allocate most of their budget trying to acquire new customers rather than retaining their existent customers. If we told you that we had a way where you could maximize your revenue and build a strong community of loyal brand … Continue reading “Why You Need A Loyalty Program” ... Read More

How to Get More Customer Reviews

Why are customer reviews important? Customer reviews are critical. 92% of consumers read online reviews and 80% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Needless to say, a high percentage of your customers depend on product reviews to help them with buying decisions. More importantly, a high percentage of your prospects expect to see customer reviews … Continue reading “How to Get More Customer Reviews” ... Read More

How to Use Pop-Ups

Raise your hand if you hate pop-ups. Don’t worry, we raised our hands as well. While most people find pop-ups annoying, you would be surprised to know – pop-ups work. In fact, they work really well! The average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09% Just to give you an idea, the average conversion rate … Continue reading “How to Use Pop-Ups” ... Read More