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Advanced Elasticsearch & Navigation

Expand the search and navigation possibilities of your webstore, enabling your customers to navigate through your store as they see fit. Search results are enhanced with contextual item filters and categories, providing additional drill-into capabilities. Exploit the simplified Elastic Search URL syntax to promote sale, new, and discontinued items, new categories, new content pages. Add the intuitive Product Finder for guided filtering of your product catalog - great for Year-Make-Model, for example.

Slider Revolution

Over 4 million users worldwide value the power and flexibility of Slider Revolution. Now included as a commercebuild add-on module, see how Slider Revolution instantly enhances your webstore's appeal.


Your webstore is constantly changing, meeting the needs of your business and of your customers. Take advantage of our Sandbox site option, connected to your ERP system, to explore all of the available add-on modules and develop your ideas.

ERP Document Sync

Publish your ERP documents right to the web, and provide secure access for your customers to their invoices, credit notes, shipping documents, proof-of delivery. Utilizing the Amazon S3 secure web services, this module is a great add-on to your customer Account Portal, providing 24/7 self-service access to key documents, and helping support their ability to pay. 

Quick Order Form

The Quick Order module allows your customers to search for standard items by partial item description or item number, select units of measure if applicable, input quantity for multiple lines of items before adding all to cart.

Custom Fields

Create super-powerful custom fields in your commercebuild webstore for your products and customers. Use the Custom Fields to store additional product and customer data, and control the behaviour of your webstore. Great for support min/max order quantities, date-based product availability, product visibility by user group, and secured/licensed products. New Custom Field features being added all the time.

Sync Mapper

Extend the power and flexibility of Custom Fields with ETL (Exchange Transform Load) data mapped and automatically synchronized between your commercebuild webstore and your ERP or other API-enabled source.

Rules Based Configurator

The Rules Based Configurator module enables you to create a configurable product made of several items. You can establish rules to determine what items can be grouped together to form a valid configuration.

Carton Manager   

Add the ability to divide and calculate how many cartons need to be shipped and provide your customers with more accurate shipping details. With the Carton Manager module, you can create multi-carton shipments and setup a carrier to allow package management.

Product Finder   

The Product Finder module directs your customers to the products they want by leading them through the search proccess, improving the online buying experience. A great tool where your items can be used for multiple purposes. For example, using Product Finder to help your customers find spare parts for cars or machines, you can lead the customer through selections such as Year, Make, and Model. Other examples include using the Product Finder to help the customer find the appropriate battery options for their device or vehicle, for finding specialized paper and media for large printing machines, and finding materials and accessories for educational courses. 

Split Orders

Take advantage of the ability to split web orders, before they are posted to your ERP. Order can be split according their ship-to or ship-to address:

  • Multiple ship-to addresses - ship items on a single order to multiple ship-to addresses
  • Inventory location - great for items requiring specialized storage (frozen or HazMat, for example), or that are stored in select geographical locations
  • Availability - backordered or future available items can be posted to separate orders

Tag Manager

With the Tag Manager module you have the ability to tag content, from products to blog posts, for improved onsite search. Delivering a better customer experience and drive more revenue.

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